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‘All members of our service visit BikeAbility at least once or twice a week It is an integral part of the people we support and staff’s routine from week to week. If BikeAbility was ever to stop it woulds be a catastrophic to the predictability and routine of the gentlemen we support. 

All the equipment at BikeAbility is well maintained, the people we support feel safe there and happy. In a world that can be too demanding and fast moving for the gentlemen we support, this is their sanctuary. There are no superlatives that can illustrate the importance of this excellent charitable organisation and their tireless working dedicated staff!’  Gruffydd Harrison team leader of Amman Care services.


Click here and read about one of our wonderful autistic clients Connor and discover how Bikeability Wales developed his life skills.

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‘All of our students benefit from BikeAbility both from the physical exercise and from emotional wellbeing they experience by achieving success and helping each other.’ 

Jackie, manager of Ynystawe Lodge Horizons Education.


Below is a case study of a student’s progression written by the manager of Ynystawe Lodge (for confidentiality reasons the student’s name is left out):

‘This student has major problems with social interaction and has always avoided situations which brought him in contact with his peers. Having looked at photographs of his peers at BikeAbility he said he would like to go and watch. Within a couple of weeks he was riding the bikes and interacting with other young people as he rode past them. BikeAbility is a major part of his week and he will speak about it and plan for it days before. This has had  significant positive impact in other areas of his social interaction, he will stop and greet his peers around the lodge and has on a couple of occasions requested that one of the others students ride along side him.’