Specialist cycles

Bikes for all!

Have a look at some of our specialist cycles. Whilst they’re not all shown here, this page shows the range of abilities we can cater for.

These bikes are incredibly versatile and can suit almost anyone, from those who are experiencing social isolation to people with limited mobility or capacity to ride independently. Many of the two-seater cycles can be adjusted so that the riders choose whether to pedal together or independently.  We can also swap pedals for foot plates and other adaptations.  Some have fixed gears to help people learn to pedal. 

Electric Bikes

The Buzz word is electric! Well we’ve joined the craze introducing our electric specialized cycles. One ride on these can change you life for good. Electric Tandem and Wheelchair cycle reach new distances, explore further and take a friend. Two wheel fold up electric bikes also avaliable.

Side by side cycles

These are cycles that can allow two people to ride together, with one person being in control if required. We have one power assisted side by side cycle, which can help the riders go on a longer adventure. These bikes are lovely to ride, and the best thing is that while you pedal along, you can chat to your friend!


Want to try something a bit different? Try a recumbent! You will be seated in a lower position than a regular bike and using three wheels. These cycles are perfect for those who struggle with balance, or just want to have a bit of fun. Small children versions available suitable from 7 yrs above.

 Two wheel tandems & Buddy bikes

We have a number of two wheel tandems and a buddy bike to hire. On a tandem the front rider does the steering, so it’s ideal for a passenger with sight problems. We also think our tandems are great to take out for fun or a romantic adventure! Or for small children why not try our buddy bike this bike has the child sitting in front between the adult. Great fun suitable for children who have core strength. “You’d look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two!”

Hand cycles

Fancy a workout?! Our hand cycles are perfect for those who are unable to pedal, or those wanting to build up some arm muscles! With very comfy seats, we have hand cycles to suit children from 4yrs above and adults.

Wheelchair cycles

These companion cycles allow people with very little physical movement to participate in cycling. Our wheelchair platform cycles and ‘scoop’ bikes enable the riders to experience therapeutic sensations such as movement in the outdoors, and the wind in their hair. Riding on one of these cycles is also a sociable and inclusive activity. We have 3 non electric and one electric wheelchair cycle, which can help the driver venture further!

Tricycles and Specialist Tricycles 

We have a huge variety of trikes suitable for children 3 yrs+ right up to adult size. Each trike has different adaptations to support all needs. These allow the rider to experience cycling when they are unable to balance. Some of our trikes offer core support, assisted steering or wider seats. We welcome you to come down and try out as many as necessary until you find the right one to suit you.

Kick Bikes and scooters

We always recommend learning to scoot before you ride! These will help non-riders to learn how to balance before progressing to a bike. We always use these when teaching children and adults to ride a bike.

All the bikes shown can be adapted to suit the rider. We have foot plates, leg supports, body straps and hand grips which can be added at no extra charge.