We have a wide range of bicycles to suit all ages and abilities, these include:


The rider powers the front wheel by hand – great for someone who finds pedalling with their legs difficult, or who has co-ordination problems.


Trikes, Quadcycles, KMX Karts and Go-Karts

Ideal for people who like the stability of a bike with more than two wheels, they come with a range of additional support for easier cycling and in a wide range of different sizes.



We have several different tandems – a side by side handcycle, a side by side foot pedalled bike and a tandem controlled by the cyclist seated at the back. These provide a range of opportunities for people who, with a little bit of support, can help in pedalling a bike.


Wheelchair transporters and Wheelchair Bikes

These are perfect for anyone who is unable to ride a bike, but wants to participate in cycling activities. The wheelchair transporters in particular are excellent for those people who cannot easily move out of their own wheelchairs, really making cycling accessible for just about everyone.