Latest News

15/3/2021 New opening hours. Tue-fri 10-3.30pm / Sat 11-1pm 

From september 2020 we will be open tue-sat. Times are different on a saturday but for bike hire off site we are here before and after advertised hours for longer hire.  From 9am to 11am on saturdays sessions are avaliable to learn to ride. Booking is still essential to attend bikeability for play, hire bikes or lessons.

We are pleased to say we have now reach stage two of increasing our opening hours and continue to review the situation monthly. Following government guidance &  safety measures closely to monitor and review the number of people who can safely visit us at one time.



July 2020 Expected changes

  • We plan to open in stages which we will review over time– Stage 1 open part time 10am- 3.30pm on Tue, Wed, Thurs
  • Time slots for all visitors-To stagger entries and help maintain effective social distancing we will introduce a booking system and timed slots for all visitors. All visitors must call to book a slot to attend our venue. Sessions will start on the hour for 1hr if staying on site. Please help keep to social distancing guidelines and do not arrive earlier than your time. You may not be admitted if you do not arrive at the correct time.
  • Hire of bikes- Where possible we will encourage bikes to be used off site.
  • Hire of bikes offsite– Bike hire off site for several hours will be available, only on the days stated in stage 1 to be reviewed in time.

Safety Measures

 Your health and safety are our top priority so, as you would expect, we’ve introduced a few changes.

Here’s our commitment to you:   

  1. We are following the Covid-19 government safety advice for all guests and staff to achieve the highest standards. We will assess guidelines daily. 
  2. We will have new operating procedures, cleaning schedules and one-way systems to help manage social distancing.  
  3. We have put in protective screens and safe separations in areas that need it. You will see some staff wearing personal protective equipment so they can work safely. 
  4. We prefer contactless transactions.  
  5. We will limit guest numbers and introduce timed slots so that social distancing can be maintained with confidence.  

It’s up to you help keep us safe too: 

  •   Maintain your two-metre social distancing – that is at least 1 adult bike length 
  •   Keep those hands clean!