Below are a sample of the various cycles we have available at our private venue. Whilst not all of our cycles are shown here, this page shows the range of abilities we can cater for.

Side by side cycles

These are cycles that can allow two people to cycle in tandem. With one person being in control if required

Recumbent single seat

These cycles are perfect for those who struggle with balance or just want to try something a little different

Range of children’s two wheel cycles

Our full range of light weight Isla bikes allow us to cater for all sizes

Two wheel tandem cycles

Our conventional tandem cycles are great for those who want to feel the thrill of cycling whilst not requiring the need to steer

Hand Cycles

Our extensive range of hand cycles are perfect for those with weaker legs or those wanting to build up some arm muscles

Wheelchair cycles

Here we have our cycles that can fill in for a wheel chair (left) and those that can actually carry a wheelchair (right)

Kick Bikes and scooters

These are perfect for those needing to learn to get their balance before progressing to a two wheeled cycle

Tricycles and Specialist Tricycles 



Here we have our extensive range of Tricycles that are perfect for all ages and abilities